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Ethiopia: ONLF officials wary of the new tensions between brotherly nations of Afar and Ogaden region


Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Official, Rayal Hamoud, urged the two brotherly nations of Afar and Somalis from Ogaden region to take more precautions on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s old tactics of turning one nation against another. 
“I urge the two brotherly people of Afar and Somalis to be cautious about the intrigues of the TPLF and remember their unity in religion and blood.” 

The TPLF / EPRDF is under increasing pressure from opposition and warring factions of ONLF, OLF, SLM, BPLM, ARDUF and GMD and many other formations from the oppressed nations. So The Tigray ruling Junta will try to use all efforts to turn Benishangul against Oromos, Somalis against Afars, Gambellas against Sidamas, and so on in part of creating chaos among the oppressed nations under Ethiopian occupation, Mr. Rayaale Hamoud a member of the ONLF Central Committee and a former head of Regional vice-president and founder of Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front (IGLF) in 1990s said in an interview with Radio Freedom (Xoriyo). 

Mr. Hamoud stressed that due to the ongoing protests in and outside of the country, the Tigray minority group who rule Ethiopia felt the reality on the ground and instead of looking for enduring political solutions has tightened its grip on power and create disputes between the nationalities ahead of the next year’s elections in bid to divert the eyes of the World Community from the real issues in Ethiopia. 

Mr. Hamoud stressed that due to the ongoing protests in and outside of the country, the Tigray minority group who rule Ethiopia felt the reality on the ground and instead of looking for enduring political solutions has tightened its grip on power and create disputes between the nationalities ahead of the next year’s elections in bid to divert the eyes of the World Community from the real issues in Ethiopia. 

The Ogaden National Liberation Front criticized Djibouti-Ethiopia railway in her issued press release dated in May 1,2014 that the Ethiopian government has commissioned China to build a railway track between Addis Ababa and Djibouti, which is passing through the Somali territory under Ethiopia rule. The new railway line is being constructed in a way that is obstructing the free movement of the nomadic people living in the area and their livestock. 

“The railway line is being built on a very high rise track that is making impossible for livestock to cross over with no crossing point provided. The railway, which divides the area almost in half has already cut off the traditional routes within the territory,” reads the press release. 

“Initially, when the Addis- Djibouti Railway was commissioned in 1896, both France and Ethiopia reached an agreement with the Somali people which guaranteed their well being and way of life. However, since then the rights of the Somali people are no longer respected and they have no say in what is happening in their own territory,” further added the press Release. 

Over the last five years the nations under Ethiopia rule have been starting to demand their constitutional rights to either find justice and political equality or secede from Ethiopia. Instead; Ethiopian regime wants to prevent these nations to pursue their goals of political self determination by inciting violence, by imposing grossly unfair referendum over the disputed territories or deploying so-called Ethiopia’s Police state in the pretext of disputed lands. 

“I am convinced that we shall do our utmost to take any measurable steps that are necessary to repel the aggression of TPLF and any attempt of dislocating our people from their ancestral land,” Hamoud said. 

Hamoud called on the sultan of Afar and the Ugaas of ISSA-Somali to positively interfere the issue and deescalate the tension over the disputed territories of Gadmaytu, Undafoo, Garmado and Adaytu. 

He added that the Afar and Somali communities who were living side by side hundreds of years are capable of preventing the work of TPLF to incite civil war between them and if the two communities did not take precautions the two nations of Afar and Somalis will go eventually an unnecessary fight. We can’t stand by and wait the plot of the Tigray to be true. “We must act urgently.” Said Rayale Hamud. 

Afar and Somalis share many things in common and Somalis have a great duty towards the Afars, who also claim-rightly-to have made part of the armies of great Emperor Ahmed Ibn-Ibraahim (Ahmed Gurey).


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Ethiopia accused of violating Kali agreement between Ogaden elders and the Ethiopian Government


When the Dervishes were defeated by the Royal Air Forces (RAF) the Somalis from Ogaden region were banned to carry any sort of guns and whoever caught carrying a weapon had been killed by the British colonialists because of Sayid Mohammed Abdille Hassan , the founder of the dervishes who was from Ogaden clan.

The British colony had been siding with the north ,whenever there was a civil war between Somalis in Ogaden region and Isaaq tribes of Somaliland ,whom was regarded as civilians under the British protectorate.With the help of the British logistics, the Isaaq clan invaded Ogaden and conquered a large scale of land, moreover the Isaaqs were British interpreters during its stay at Ogaden region.
Elders from Ogaden were dismayed after they had realized that the British had been siding with the Isaaq from Somaliland which,eventually sown an enmity between the Ogaden and the British at the time of the British colony.

Knowing the tension between the elders from Ogaden and the British, the Ethiopian Empire,Haile Selassie, exploited the case and seduced the elders that hail from Ogaden clan with a pledge of ammunition to repel the Isaaq invasion.
Hence, the Somali elders from Ogaden region whom were furied Isaaq-backed British colony said ,”give your cane to someone you can get it back”, when they were asked whether they want to remain with the British colony or become part of Ethiopia at Kali treaty (Kali is the village where the treaty took place.)

Ogaden elder, Mohammed Kari Mohammed, in turn ,accused the Ethiopian government of violating the Kali agreement by detaining thousands of civilians in jail Ogaden and the wider region immediately after they asked to be given back their own Somali territory of Ogaden Region.
“Whatever choice they (elders) made ,wittingly or unwittingly a part of the treaty which both Ethiopia and British signed was whenever they (elders) deman to get back their land for freedom should be given back all the land handed over to Ethiopia by the British ,and now we are demanding our territory back and Ethiopia’s response is Jail Ogaden “,said Mohammed.

The Ogaden National Liberation front (ONLF) leveled similar charges of extra-judicial arresting,ethnic-cleansing,and denying Ogaden region the right to self-determination against Addis Ababa,”we’ve seen Ethiopian offensive against the Ogaden civilians and ONLF supporters in 1993,right after the legitimate Somali Ogaden parliament overwhelmingly voted yes (85%) for self-determination to end Ethiopian occupation”,said an ONLF Information officer.

According to Somali intellectuals ,list of Ethiopian Embassies’ recently news of boastful that they were having a meeting with Somali diasporas from Ogaden is a sign of “either the truer Ethiopians are rejecting meeting with the TPLF/EPRDF or Ethiopia government terrified by the most powerful opposition, ONLF.”

The Somali elders are still waiting the return of their cane to put their country on the map after sixty year-old Kali agreement that they mistakenly assumed to get back their land without more blood-shed , but Ethiopia’s readiness to give up Ogaden region to fulfill the Kali treaty remains a lifely topic to debate?!!

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Somaliland: Refugees hailing from the Ogaden Province endure torture and abuse in Hargeisa


Hargeisa , Somaliland  – A 23-year-old young man was apprehended in South Hargeisa district of Jama wayne on April 26, 2014 after allegedly accused of being a member of Ogaden National Liberation Front or  ONLF sympathizer by the security of Somaliland Administration. The young man, Mohammed Sheik Ahmed aka Mo’alin Biliq was on two weeks visit on his mother’s uncle who hails from that area.

“They ( the Security police)  started beating him with clubs. When he fell down and the people in the area congregated, the security officer leading the assailants shouted that this man was a terrorist from the Ogaden and started throwing stones at him”, said  Mr. Ahmed’s family, who declined to be named for their security concerns.
The crowd took a cue from his action and soon a crowd of about fifty people started stoning the victim. Mr. Ahmed endured hours of beating before he became unconscious.

“After he was mutilated and became unconscious, the security threw him on the Toyota pick up and took him to an unknown destination. Mr M. Ahmed was visiting his uncle on his mother’s side who hail from that area”, added his family.
The fate of the victim left unknown whether he died, extradited to Ethiopia as usual or in a jail only the Somaliland Police could confirm, according to Ahmed’s  family.

Somaliland shares Somalis from Ogaden region, like any other Somali speaking inhabitants, language, culture, ethnicity, religion and even border, but favored  Ethiopia over Ogadenis and  has been repeatedly handing over Somalis From Ogaden region to Ethiopian Security forces over the past 10 years, that have been detained, tortured, executed in this way or coerced into confessing or naming family members accused of supporting the Liberation movement, The Ogaden National Liberation Front, who were in return arrested, tortured and killed.

“This is an inhumane act that is against Somali culture, Muslim values and international human rights. The Somaliland administration, which touts itself in front of the international community as a viable state that respects the rule of law and respects the rights of civilians is continually violating the rights of Somali people from the Ogaden, who share with the people in that area blood ties, common religion, culture and economy in deference to the Ethiopian criminal regime, which has instructed the warlords in Somalia to hand over to Ethiopia all that hail from the Ogaden clan to Ethiopia,” said Amina Abdi ,the Secretary of Justice for Ogaden

“The Somaliland administrations were requested without much response up-to now to give medical treatment and release him urgently. Moreover, the continuing violations of the Human Rights of Ogaden in Somaliland continues and may create dire consequences between the two communities, which share long border and economic ties, unless the wayward administration takes effective action to remedy the situation”, said Ms. Abdi.

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EU Holds Discussion on Ethiopian Human Rights Crisis in Ogaden and Kality Prison

“Horrific crimes [committed] by Ethiopian military and paramilitary in Ogaden region. When will EU act?” – Ana Gomes, MEP, Socialist Member of the European Parliament

Ogaden and Ethiopian hearing conference at EU House of Parliament

By Ahmed Abdi,

EUROPEAN Parliament opened hearing about the Ogaden Human Rights violations and the Ethiopian prisons in Addis Ababa. The hearing, which was invited to participate in the Ogaden whistle-blower, Abdullahi Hussein, and Swedish Journalist, Martin Schibbye, was held on April 2nd by the group the progressive Alliance of Socialist and Democrats in European Parliament and Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). 

Ethiopia is one of the largest humanitarian and development aid receiver yet these donations are used incorrectly and corruptly. Western governmental Organizations and Western Embassies to Addis Ababa ignored the stolen donations and humanitarian aid that are being used as a political tool by the Ethiopian regime, which is contrary to EU rules on the funding”, said Anna Gomes, MEP Head of international Unit party Socialist democrat.

Ahmed Abdi Marita Ulvskog, MEP, in her part first thanked Abdullahi Hussein and Swedish Journalist, Martin Schibbye speaking about the steps needed to be taken in order to stop the human rights abuses that is being committed against Ethiopian and Ogaden civilians, she said that the EU could use sanctions or words against Ethiopia or follow up documents and information like the one provided by Abdullahi Hussein to show the reality in the ground.

Abdullahi Hussein, who is the former regional Presidential adviser and head of the media in Ogaden presented a shocking footage that changed the EU’s view towards Ethiopia. Abdullahi Hussein, who gained the title of “brave man” and nominated for the prize of Sweden’s civil courage of the year 2014, “Antigone Award”, after he had put himself at risk for smuggling out over 100 hours of footage from the Ogaden Province requested the EU to put their words into action as the killings, gang-raping and extrajudicial arresting still continues.

Speaking with Ogaden diaspora owned TV service of Ilays Tv, Martin Schibbye stated that in conjunction with Abdullahi Hussein their purpose to reset was to tell the World what they had seen which is to fulfill a promise that he made to many people from Ogaden region, but also their co-prisoners in Kality Prison of Addis Ababa.

Members of European Parliament, CPJ’s Jean Paul Marthoz and Human Rights’s Leslie Lefkow have also explained the human rights situation in Ethiopia in details to the EU Parliament. Anna Lindy, Chair of the hearing, presented the human rights situation in Ogaden andEthiopia at the opening time of the session.


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Ethiopia: ONLF Executive Committee Meeting Makes New plans,Evaluates the recent gains


By Ahmed Abdi

It is cleared now,the most anticipated discussion topics at the three day’s ONLF Executive Committee came behind closed doors in executive session in Watford,UK. ONLF Committee members openly discussed and evaluated the recent diplomatic and military gains and circumstances yet surrounded by its efforts to gain Ogaden region’s full independence.Golaha-fulinta-495x230 (1)

Committee members heard from Committee Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Chairman Admiral Mohammed Omar Osman ,the report of what have carried out with the decisions reached by the ONLF in the Central committee’s sixth session in August last year in Eritrea.

The Admiral and the ONLF Executive Committee had discussed the concept in previous meetings with some Ethiopian Opposition groups as a possible direction for aligning with forces that are going to topple what they call, “the undemocratic regime of TPLF/EPRDF” and a sign of moving forward should its alignment to oust out the regime before the next year’s election as the regime knows only the language of power rather than transferring power in a peaceful way.

The Chairman and Committee members agreed on that the group have achieved too much so far ,and the new plans are well received and ready to implement as soon as possible.

“The Ethiopian regime is not yet ready to transfer the power in a peaceful manner after more than two decades rule and yet wants to steal the citizen’s votes in 2015-election.As for, the Oppressed and down-trodden nations of Oromia, Sidama,Anyuak ,Ganbella, Afar and other nations under Abyssinian occupation have been marginalized enough and have decided that their nations can no longer called part of so-called Ethiopia in this 21st century and Ogaden is ready-for Independence  as Ethiopia is no longer controls more than 40 percent of Ogaden Region”,said the Admiral.

The Admiral believes that Ethiopia’s TPLF is a tiger-paper now and its abduction of the two-key ONLF negotiators proved to be a sign of weak and  in a desperate condition that the regime is experiencing,but it only increased them in strength as the regime has failed to defeat ONLF militarily.

The Executive committee have evaluated the recent military gains of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA),and the situations of the World particularly the Horn of Africa we have come up with  several plans and strategies,which are to intensify the military efforts in part of weakening and forcing to pull out the Ethiopian troops in Ogaden and foreign- backed traitors of Liyu Police,to counter Ethiopian Propaganda and commitment to principles and values in order to counter enemy plots “.

The Executive Committee thanked  the Somali Ogaden Communities around the globe for their  support of the ONLF to continue moving forward was a sign in favor of the plan’s merit.

The three days ONLF Executive Committee’s meeting that concluded on Tuesday clarified many murky issues that was uncertain since the Ethiopian agents abduction of the ONLF-senior negotiators,Sulub Abdi Ahmed and Ali Ahmed Hussein at a restaurant in Nairobi in January 26th,but ONLF executive committee still believes that the Africa’s longest conflict of Ogaden can be solved through dialogue even though the ONLF Foreign secretary Abdirahman Mahdi said that the abduction of its officials could wreck the talks with Ethiopia when he spoke with Radio France last February.

“There are specific programs pointed out for the Ethiopia’s limited tricks”,ONLF Foreign Secretary Abdirahman Mahdi said. “And we will enhance organizing and mobilizing the performance of Somali Ogaden communities in and around th globe and will further improve the cooperation and co-integration with the communities and the organizations opposed to the Ethiopian regime and paving the way to more challenges to Ethiopia ahead that may force her to give up Ogaden region”.

The most heavily discussed topic prior to the three day ‘s executive session was a matter of following up  the decisions reached by the  Central Committee August last year to convert into actions.

“We strongly condemn the Ethiopian government’s human rights violations against our people,especially killing defenseless civilians in a cold-blooded and gang-raping women and girls as a weapon of war”,said Mahdi.

Finally,the ONLF Executive Committee thanked for Kenya, the United Kingdom,Switzerland, and the CR group for their efforts and endeavors to find Ogaden  conflict a political solution.

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ONLF Deputy-Chairman lauds OCSA diplomatic efforts

Ogaden National Liberation Front, Deputy Chairman  Mohamed Ismael Omar addressed a Consultation meeting in Port Elizabeth ,South Africa, through phone call on Thursday ,which he called the Ogaden Community in South Africa’s recent diplomatic efforts a success,Ogaden News Agency (ONA) Reported.Image
“The Ogaden Community in South Africa is winning  the battle against Ethiopian occupation”,Mohammed Said ,adding that the diplomatic activities of the OCSA “against the Ethiopia will continue until the Somalis in Ogaden region gains Its independence through referendum or the army struggle.”
Mr. Omar spoke at length the recent war gains of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) that the army wing targeted recently Ethiopian held-towns and Army positions in different parts of the Ogaden Region.
The deputy chairman finally thanked the organizers of the consultation meeting,leaders and other ONLF officials  that participated in the meeting. 
 Officials from ONLF and the Ogaden Community leaders also discussed how to enhance diplomatic efforts and other activities of the struggle that will help Ogaden region to gain full independence. Image