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Ethiopia accused of violating Kali agreement between Ogaden elders and the Ethiopian Government

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When the Dervishes were defeated by the Royal Air Forces (RAF) the Somalis from Ogaden region were banned to carry any sort of guns and whoever caught carrying a weapon had been killed by the British colonialists because of Sayid Mohammed Abdille Hassan , the founder of the dervishes who was from Ogaden clan.

The British colony had been siding with the north ,whenever there was a civil war between Somalis in Ogaden region and Isaaq tribes of Somaliland ,whom was regarded as civilians under the British protectorate.With the help of the British logistics, the Isaaq clan invaded Ogaden and conquered a large scale of land, moreover the Isaaqs were British interpreters during its stay at Ogaden region.
Elders from Ogaden were dismayed after they had realized that the British had been siding with the Isaaq from Somaliland which,eventually sown an enmity between the Ogaden and the British at the time of the British colony.

Knowing the tension between the elders from Ogaden and the British, the Ethiopian Empire,Haile Selassie, exploited the case and seduced the elders that hail from Ogaden clan with a pledge of ammunition to repel the Isaaq invasion.
Hence, the Somali elders from Ogaden region whom were furied Isaaq-backed British colony said ,”give your cane to someone you can get it back”, when they were asked whether they want to remain with the British colony or become part of Ethiopia at Kali treaty (Kali is the village where the treaty took place.)

Ogaden elder, Mohammed Kari Mohammed, in turn ,accused the Ethiopian government of violating the Kali agreement by detaining thousands of civilians in jail Ogaden and the wider region immediately after they asked to be given back their own Somali territory of Ogaden Region.
“Whatever choice they (elders) made ,wittingly or unwittingly a part of the treaty which both Ethiopia and British signed was whenever they (elders) deman to get back their land for freedom should be given back all the land handed over to Ethiopia by the British ,and now we are demanding our territory back and Ethiopia’s response is Jail Ogaden “,said Mohammed.

The Ogaden National Liberation front (ONLF) leveled similar charges of extra-judicial arresting,ethnic-cleansing,and denying Ogaden region the right to self-determination against Addis Ababa,”we’ve seen Ethiopian offensive against the Ogaden civilians and ONLF supporters in 1993,right after the legitimate Somali Ogaden parliament overwhelmingly voted yes (85%) for self-determination to end Ethiopian occupation”,said an ONLF Information officer.

According to Somali intellectuals ,list of Ethiopian Embassies’ recently news of boastful that they were having a meeting with Somali diasporas from Ogaden is a sign of “either the truer Ethiopians are rejecting meeting with the TPLF/EPRDF or Ethiopia government terrified by the most powerful opposition, ONLF.”

The Somali elders are still waiting the return of their cane to put their country on the map after sixty year-old Kali agreement that they mistakenly assumed to get back their land without more blood-shed , but Ethiopia’s readiness to give up Ogaden region to fulfill the Kali treaty remains a lifely topic to debate?!!


Author: Ahmed Abdi

I am an Ogadeni news and opinion articles writer,and I write about Ogaden and the wider Horn of Africa . I contribute to many portals that like receiving them to host on their superb sites.And I am a writer for Ogadentoday Press and many Ogaden portals.

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