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ONLF Deputy-Chairman lauds OCSA diplomatic efforts

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Ogaden National Liberation Front, Deputy Chairman  Mohamed Ismael Omar addressed a Consultation meeting in Port Elizabeth ,South Africa, through phone call on Thursday ,which he called the Ogaden Community in South Africa’s recent diplomatic efforts a success,Ogaden News Agency (ONA) Reported.Image
“The Ogaden Community in South Africa is winning  the battle against Ethiopian occupation”,Mohammed Said ,adding that the diplomatic activities of the OCSA “against the Ethiopia will continue until the Somalis in Ogaden region gains Its independence through referendum or the army struggle.”
Mr. Omar spoke at length the recent war gains of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) that the army wing targeted recently Ethiopian held-towns and Army positions in different parts of the Ogaden Region.
The deputy chairman finally thanked the organizers of the consultation meeting,leaders and other ONLF officials  that participated in the meeting. 
 Officials from ONLF and the Ogaden Community leaders also discussed how to enhance diplomatic efforts and other activities of the struggle that will help Ogaden region to gain full independence. Image



Author: Ahmed Abdi

I am an Ogadeni news and opinion articles writer,and I write about Ogaden and the wider Horn of Africa . I contribute to many portals that like receiving them to host on their superb sites.And I am a writer for Ogadentoday Press and many Ogaden portals.

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