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Ethiopia: The Statue of Sayid Mohamed in Jigjiga and The Silence Occupation

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The Ethiopian ruling party,Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front or TPLF favors the old-aged policy based on divide-and-rule that so often dominates not only the politics of Ethiopian highlanders but the Somalia politics as well.But Since Ethiopian dictator Ato Meles Zenawi passed away the TPLF found in itself an uncomfortable position when it comes to shifting a new direction to the regional politics -and modern politics.Image


The Tigray’s vision introduced so many problems that made the entire map and ethnic groups to distrust each other because of the TPLF’s decision.


Ethiopian authority built the Statue of Somali warrior,Mullah Mohammed Abdulle Hassan in Jigjiga,Is it a joke? No,It is not a joke,but why? The pressing question on the minds of many Somali historians is,does Ethiopia want to see the same man that resisted its occupation of the Somali soil of Ogaden Region be honored in Jigjiga which is still under its authority?


The same Somali hero that constantly waged a war against Abyssinian, fake Ethiopian highlanders? We somalis say,”La jiifiyaana banaan” which roughly translated two-way street.Ethiopian politicians do not want the school children in Jigjiga to study the history of the pious Mohammed Abdulle Hassan and to memories the poems that refer how evil are the Abyssinian highlanders, as the Somali politicians don’t like to learn the history of Menelik, the conqueror.


All that is understandable,Ethiopia is going to say that the great Somali hero,patriot Sayid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan was an Ethiopian nationalist that fought against European Colony mainly great Britain and Italy,a term which may our young generations that don’t read their history will easily accept without consideration.


The Puppet Regional administration is helping Ethiopia to loot the statue of Sayid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan without the consent of the Somali people merely for the benefit of their certain interests.I’d like to inform them that history differentiate the bad ones from good ones,Somalis say, “Waan baahanahay loo ma bakhti cuno” which roughly translated , Do not eat the body(corpse) because you are hungry.


When was asked Menelik the border of his nation by the European-which Abyssinia was part of colonies -said vigorously, “The Indian sea” meant Somalia Sea and when further asked, what about Somalis,he said boastfully,”They (Somalis) are my livestock herders”.Till today,Menelik’s vision is revived ten times a day in Ethiopian political life.


That’s why Ethiopia always attempts to influence the Somalia’s political affairs or internal Somalia politics. As it is the case now,Somalia will never ever stand its feet as long as Ethiopia’s silence occupations exists inside Somalia.

Ethiopia invaded Somalia in 2006 militarily with the help of United States but was dragged in the streets and defeated in the hands of Somali resistances.


There was rumors that Former Derg President,Mingiste Haile Marriam congratulated Meles Zewani of TPLF that he did impossible mission for walking the streets of Mugdisho, with his army.


Ethiopia has always been a big bad neighbor of Somalia and will always be as long as Ogaden region is under Ethiopian colony.To avoid a bomb that can explode anytime in the near future the people of the Ogaden region must be allowed to decide their own fate by holding UN-backed Referendum.

Ahmed Abdi


Author: Ahmed Abdi

I am an Ogadeni news and opinion articles writer,and I write about Ogaden and the wider Horn of Africa . I contribute to many portals that like receiving them to host on their superb sites.And I am a writer for Ogadentoday Press and many Ogaden portals.

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